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CannaCosmic Vibrations: A Musical Journey to the Higher Self

  • Private Home (Address sent with ticket purchase) Oakland, CA (map)

You are invited to join Rachel Dugas and Jeremy Marais on a shamanic musical journey exploring higher levels of consciousness through sound and vibration.   

Arrive at 7 pm to gather together and connect over a cup of infused herbal tea, complimentary plant-based products, and light snacks.  Around 7:30 pm, we will begin a series of breath and vocalization exercises, exploring a vocal meditation inspired by the Indian ragas.  For the main portion of the evening participants will lie down while Rachel and Jeremy play an improvised musical journey using a variety of instruments, including saxophone, clarinet, frame drum, tuning forks, kalimba, chimes, ukulele, shruti box, and vocals.  Throughout the journey, each participant will receive personalized, hands-on body tuning with BioSonics tuning forks.  This intimate event will take place in a private home nestled in the Redwood forest of Oakland.

There are only 12 spots available, so book early!  Ticket purchase is required to secure your space.



Enhance the effects of your plant medicine with meditation and music.

Cultivate ritual and intention in your self-healing practice.

Resonate your body and spirit with the medicine melodies of Mother Earth.  

Listening to healing sounds activates our body’s parasympathetic nervous system and releases natural mood-boosting chemicals.  By ingesting plant medicine beforehand, you can enhance the effects of the sounds and access a greater healing potential within yourself, creating the space within to raise your consciousness to a higher vibration.  We invite you to experience reduced stress, elevated mood, and a deeper connection to your intuition.



"A wonderful and tranquility-inducing evening for literally every single person who is a human being!"

"The CannaCosmic journey took me way far out, into the great infinite space of love and creation, and integrated more sounds and instruments than I've ever seen at one singular event.  Rachel and Jeremy offer a naturally powerful healing experience and I look forward to their future collaborations, and our continued space travel."

"I was expecting various tones, but not such brilliant musicianship!"

"After the journey, I've felt energetically lighter and cleaner plus I've had a more sensual, loving bond with my wife."