Be Like the Mockingbird

Many people ask how I got interested in pursuing sound healing.  This story of musical companionship touched me deeply and explains it all:

My journey to practice sound healing has been a lifetime, but I hit a major turning point in February of 2013 when I met Karl Erb.  Karl was a loved and respected yoga and philosophy teacher in the San Francisco community and he had been sick with cancer for three years when I met him.  When he discovered I was a musician, he was visibly excited and immediately asked me to play music with him.  I had mixed feelings.   I didn’t know this man.  Part of me was flattered and curious, and another part was nervous and shy.  I figured he could choose from plenty of other musicians in San Francisco, but he wanted to play with me. My shyness got the better of me and I resisted, but he persisted, and so we played...

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