Rachel Dugas

Vibrational Mystic * Sound Practitioner * Musician* Dancer * Cannabis Educator 



At DUGASOUNDS, Rachel Dugas creates experiential workshops and events that use the healing power of music, sounds, and movement to connect to intuition and open up to the world of spirit.   

Sound healing is an ancient practice that has been used across many different world cultures for thousands of years.  From the shamans singing Icaros in the Amazon rainforest to the Tibetan Buddhist monk’s repeated mantras, sound and music were borne out of spiritual practices and used as an ancient way to heal mental and physical illnesses.  Rachel's approach to sound healing is both practical and intuitive; her background as a pre-med student at NYU gives her the scientific basis to ground her artistic practice into tangible results for participants.  

Current offerings include one-on-one sessions, private group workshops, customized rituals, and music and dance performances.



Rachel Dugas is a performance artist, sound healing practitioner, and cannabis educator based out of Oakland, California.

As a young girl in Massachusetts, she grew up playing classical piano at the Boston Conservatory of Music and dancing ballet at Paulette's Ballet Studio.  In college, when she wasn't busy studying for her pre-med classes at New York University, she explored various styles of music and dance and found herself drawn to drumming, singing, and hip-hop and West African dance, which opened her up to the spiritual healing power of music through the freedom of self-expression.  Passionate about movement as a spiritual practice, Rachel has also practiced yoga, tai chi, and qigong for many years.    

Rachel completed a certification in Sound, Voice, and Music in the Healing Arts from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2017, learning from world-renowned masters in music and sound healing such as Silvia Nakkach, John Beaulieu, Glen Valez, Pat Moffitt Cook, Christine Stevens, and many more.  She continues to study ragas and Yoga of the Voice with Silvia Nakkach and Indian Dhrupad singing with masters Uday Bhawalkar and Nirmalya Dey. 

Rachel began working in the cannabis industry four years ago as a Marketing Manager at Firefly Vaporizer, and became passionate about the benefits of mindful cannabis use.   Alongside her work with sound and music, she consults with a variety of cannabis companies, curates cannabis experiences, and writes educational content for health website HelloMD. 

Rachel has a BFA from New York University, an MBA from Baruch College, and a certificate in Sound, Voice & Music in the Healing Arts from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

She has performed at the Whitney Museum, Deitch Gallery, Hiro Ballroom, the Box, the Abron Arts Center, and more.  She recently returned from a musical journey around the world where she performed and taught in Greece, Spain, and India. 


“Rachel’s sound baths are very powerful. Not only do they put me into an instant relaxed state, they also help me to get ‘in tune’ with myself.  I love how the vibrations of her instruments fall over me like waves, but it’s her voice that truly sends soothing jolts through my body.  I always walk away in bliss.”

- Elisenda P

"Had an amazing human experience today. You know the kind that just reminds you why you love being alive.  After a swim... I saw a beautiful girl by the water play her ukulele and she sang... oh she had the sweetest voice. I listened to every word in her song with chills and experienced a happiness like no other. It was amazing. And we all became silent to hear the beautiful girl sing by the water. "

-Tania S

"The CannaCosmic journey took me way far out, into the great infinite space of love and creation, and integrated more sounds and instruments than I've ever seen at one singular event. Rachel and Jeremy offer a naturally powerful healing experience and I look forward to their future collaborations, and our continued space travel."

-Crystal F